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With my gentle, responsive and loving approach, you can gain the confidence and knowledge to put an end to your child’s sleep struggles and give your family the sleep they deserve.

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Hi, I'm Lindsey,

My approach is gentle, loving and responsive. My aim is to empower parents and I believe in teaching YOU how to confidently support your child successfully through their sleep challenges, so that you have a long term solution rather than a quick fix.


During the process our relationship will be the key to your success. Having an expert there to reassure you, answer your questions, tailor a bespoke approach to your child's responses and support you if things get challenging, will help to keep you on track to achieve your sleep gioals. Often when families attempt to sleep train their little one themselves this is what is missing. It’s so easy to doubt youself and give up if you don't see immediate results or you have a bad night. 


I provide a range of sleep support services to suit every family's needs and budget. Ranging from advice calls, 1:1 coaching, full bespoke sleep plans, group coaching and workshops. There is something to fit every family!  

Is this you?

  • Are you struggling with multiple night wakings?
  • Feeling stressed over long bedtime battles? 
  • Anxious that your little one isn’t getting the sleep they desperately need?
  • Exhausted at the thought of another 5am start?
  • Would you love to get your evenings back but feel like you don't know where to start?

As a mum of two myself, I understand exactly how frustrating these challenges can be and I recognise the demands on parents can feel overwhelming, cause anxiety and depression. I’ve been there too, I know exactly how you feel.


But the truth is, you can’t live life to the fullest when you are existing on a few hours of broken sleep. Endless sleepless nights do not have to something we just put up with. With my support and guidance, you can teach your little one the sleep skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives and you, as their parent, will have the understanding and tools to support your child’s sleep in the future too!

Sleep Training Success Story


When 9 month old Molly started waking earlier and earlier in the evenings, sometimes as early as 8:30pm, and her night wakings became more frequent, her parents decided to reach out for support.


We made some simple tweaks to Molly's routine and within two weeks she was sleeping through the night.  


Watch the video to hear her fantastic success story.

The Importance of Sleep...


Ask any expectant or new parent what they are most nervous about and they’ll probably say ‘sleep’ (or lack of!). The reason being, sleep is so important for both our bodies and minds. Sleep allows us to restore and refresh so that we are ready to enjoy every precious moment with our little ones without feeling exhausted, short-tempered, anxious and quite often, depressed.


For babies and children, sleep is the time when their brain is developing and growth takes place. During sleep all of their memories are consolidated which is why I believe sleep is an essential and no-one should feel guilty for wanting more of it!

"That was the easiest nap time ever! Put him in his sleeping bag, gave him milk, read him a book, laid him down, straight to sleep. Couldn’t believe my eyes!"

How Can I Help You?

It's my aim to help tired parents:

  • Support their child with improving night sleep, taking appropriate daytime naps and preventing overtiredness.
  • Feel empowered to improve their child’s sleep with practical, creative and age-appropriate sleep solutions.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of what is normal, developmentally appropriate and reasonable to expect from their child.
  • Feel confident and competent, giving them the tools they need to help settle a tired infant peacefully. 

"We went on to enjoy bedtime and sleep! For any parent out there that is struggling with their little one's sleep, please do not hesitate to contact Lindsey... all I can say is it will be completely worth it!"

Louise & Lottie, 4m

"​After 2 nights of following Lindsey’s advice Livia slept through the night and I could’ve cried in disbelief. After weeks of being up 5/6 times a night, we could finally enjoy our evenings together!"

Danielle, Marco & Livia,


"​Overall, the excellent service and attentiveness received from Lindsey produced fast results meaning a great nights sleep for our little boy and us!!"

Gavin, Michelle & Freddie,

2yrs 3m

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