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My work as a baby and child sleep consultant is so rewarding because a lot of the time I am not only helping give parents back their sleep but also their emotional well-being, confidence and sometimes even their relationships. 

The messages and testimonials I receive when I finish working with a client are just wonderful and it makes me so happy to know they are happy too.  

We knew having 2 kids under 2 would be hard but when our 5 month old, Livia, started waking up multiple times in the night after sleeping so well, we didn’t know what to do. At its worst she was awake every half an hour and it was really affecting us both. 

I had been following Lindsey on Instagram and she had posted some really useful tips so decided to book a 1:1 and it was the best thing we did.

From the moment I first spoke to Lindsey, it was like talking to a friend. She was warm and reassuring and even though it was something I was really worried about, she never once made me feel like it was my fault or that I was doing anything wrong, in fact she assured me this was not the case at all.

She listened to our concerns and came up with a plan for us. Livia was heavily reliant on her dummy and we would never have had the confidence to ditch it without Lindsey’s help. 

After 2 nights of following Lindsey’s advice Livia slept through the night and I could’ve cried in disbelief. After weeks of being up 5/6 times a night, we could finally enjoy our evenings together and I’m no longer on edge all night waiting for Livia to wake up. 

We cannot thank Lindsey enough, she is the fairy godmother of baby sleep and I would recommend her to anyone who is struggling with their little one's sleep. We only wish we’d contacted her sooner!

Danielle, Marco & Livia, 5m

Success Story...


When 9 month old Molly started waking earlier and earlier in the evenings, sometimes as early as 8:30pm, and her night wakings became more frequent, her parents decided to reach out for support.


We made some simple tweaks to Molly's routine and within two weeks she was sleeping through the night.  


Watch the video to hear her fantastic success story.

I started sleep support with Lindsey because my baby wouldn't sleep long stretches and would wake at least 6 times a night.  He would only sleep when I nursed him to sleep and by 3am would end up in my bed every night just so I could get some rest. It got to a point where I couldn't do it any more and wanted my evenings back, but more importantly I wanted my baby to get enough sleep. It worried me as he was was definitely really overtired.


Previously Ace (my son) went to sleep at 11pm-12am each night. When trying to get him to sleep at 7/8pm he would cry and cry and I would give in and just think he wasn't tired or I'd nurse him to get him to sleep. After my consultation with Lindsey and using one of her methods for a couple of weeks this changed dramatically.


Lindsey was very thorough, informative and super non-judgemental. I was initially worried thinking how she would respond to his current routine.  However, she was very reassuring, listened to me and I felt like I could be completely open about everything with her. Lindsey supported us and Ace through the whole process and if I was ever worried or had any questions, she would get back to me really quickly. I felt super relaxed and at ease with Lindsey, she was so kind and helpful and I couldn't recommend her enough.  


I kept a diary of Ace's progress and within a week I could see a pattern and it got so much easier. He now naps twice a day and goes to bed at 7pm which is unheard of - its a miracle! He still wakes a couple of times but he now sleeps in long stretches and it has completely changed my life.  I can now enjoy a hot dinner and time with my partner without a child running around and refusing to sleep. I can tell that each day Ace's sleep is improving more and more. I can't believe my eyes when I see him sleeping without having to be nursed!


Lindsey has helped me so much, I can now sleep and have 'me time' and I have a happier, less tired baby! Thank you!

Natalie & Ace, 14m

Albert turned 6 months and sleep seemed to go out of the window. I had formed bad habits which resulted in him waking to be fed every 2 hours.

I reached out to Lindsey for some help.  Within a week, Albert has learnt to self settle, he is sleeping independently day and night and can go 6 hours between feeds.

I am so pleased with the progress.

Lindsey gave me advice and confidence which led to sleep, which is priceless.

I couldn't have done it without her knowledge and support.

Thank you Lindsey.

Lucie & Albert, 6m

Max was around 8 months old when he went through a dreadful sleep regression. Thankfully Lindsey was on hand for some fantastic advice to get him back sleeping again, and we have never looked back. Max now sleeps 'like a baby' (excuse the expression!!) Thanks for all your help Lindsey, from one not so tired mamma x

Julie & Max, 8m

Lindsey has been so helpful in improving my little one's sleep. She is knowledgeable, reliable and is always on hand to answer any questions. She has experienced similar sleep difficulties with her own child so was able to speak from experience with realistic, tried and tested strategies that work.  

We were having issues with my little girl repeatedly waking in the night and since trying the strategies we were given, this has no longer been an issue.

Louise & Amelie, 9m

I thought I had it in the bag, second baby and he was doing brilliantly with his sleep, until the 4 month regression hit! 

I struggled on for 5 more months of restless nights, resisting nap time and short naps when he did eventually go down. I finally reached out to Lindsey and she was on hand with some great advice and support.

What I really found useful was how she explained some of the science behind my babies sleep, why they wake up and why she was suggesting some the changes we could make. This gave me a better understanding of what was going on with my baby and we started making progress after a couple of days. Naps have drastically improved and I no longer dread the nights any more!

Laura & Eddie, 9m

We experienced the 4 month sleep regression... I’ll be honest I didn’t think we’d get through it but with sound advice from Lindsey we survived and even went on to enjoy bedtime and sleep! Lindsey was attentive, kind, understanding and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her services. She put me at ease as a mum on the edge and gave us advice and encouragement which I still use to this day. Honestly for any parent out there that is struggling with their little ones sleep, please do not hesitate to contact Lindsey... all I can say is it will be completely worth it.
Lindsey you are incredible! Thank you for everything!! Xx

Louise & Lottie, 4m

Lindsey has been such a tremendous support for our family. She listened carefully with empathy and understanding when we initially discussed our little ones sleep issues. She asked carefully considered questions which meant she had a full background knowledge of our family's needs. Her approach was gentle but specific and within 3 days he was self settling all by himself. Not only did she solve the settling problem but she gave us further fantastic advice to help us adjust his morning wake up time and nap times to maximise his sleep throughout the day.

​Overall, the excellent service and attentiveness received from Lindsey produced fast results meaning a great nights sleep for our little boy and us!!

A big thank you to Lindsey at Peaceful Sleep Secrets for all the help that she's given us with our daughter Molly and her sleeping when she hit the 9 month sleep regression.  


Lindsey was extremely knowledgable, professional but above all we really appreciated how friendly and approachable she was.  


She's given us so much advice that we've used over the last couple of weeks and are going to continue to use. We've even had a couple of all nighters! Yay! We hope that Molly's sleep continues to get even better from here.


Thank you so much. We feel fantastic and we're so glad that we had you to help us through it!

Jo &  Molly, 9m

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Workshop Feedback

"As a mum to a two year old and with another one on the way. I found Lindsey's workshop really valuable. All the guidance she offered made total sense and it was reassuring to hear from other parents who experience similar sleep issues like overtiredness and late bedtimes."


"So last night was great and and Rosie slept for just over 12 hours! I put her down at 18:30 thinking she would wake in the night but she didn't! She woke at 6:45am!"

eBook Feedback

"As a first time mum this guide is so helpful. I love how clear the information is and all the routines are adaptable."


"Since I started using the 5-8 month routine my son has been naping better than ever!"

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